Custom Leather Works


Here's How It Works...

1.  If you wish, bring your item(s) and/or firearm to Ozarks Gunsmithing and we handle everything that needs to be done.  OR

1.  Review the linked catalog of Styles and select the style you prefer, or you can go totally rogue and design your own holster and accessory attachments.  Print the Option Selection Page and complete the details of the holster. Since it is very confusing, you may want to have us complete the form for your special order.  IF we don't have a comparable SMURF, we may request that you leave the firearm and/or items for us to complete the dimensional data.  We should only have the firearm for a few days.

2. Ozarks Gunsmithing will estimate the cost and require pre-payment of the entire amount. If you are having the item shipped to you, we will estimate the cost of freight as well.

3. Generally manufacturing, dying, curing, and everything else needed takes 4 - 6 weeks. Special Scrolling and other artwork add additional delivery time and cost to you.

4. All of our products are High Quality Leather Only.  We don't do plastic or nylon and we definitely don't do Kydex.  The advantages of leather are too numerous to mention here.

It's important to note that we are showing "Styles" of holsters and accessory offerings.  Each Style can be modified to accept options selected on the Option Selection Form.

The Modular Design

Link to Style Catalog

Print the Option Selection Form

OGC Module Wilderness Survival Kit Contents

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OGC Module Urban Survival Kit Contents


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