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General Announcements:      

General Repair Delivery: 8 wks   Restorations:  52-65 weeks Customer Custom Builds: 16 wks

Definition Library  CLICK HERE for access to our Definition Library of Firearm Information and Gunsmith Techniques.   We are operating at limited hours during this COVID-19 crisis.  Click on the image to the left to get more information.    

For many years we have maintained our test fire ammunition arsenal by donations from our many great customers.  We have never charged a dime for test fire ammo unless it was an exotic that we had to purchase. Current circumstances are challenging this tradition.  Please...if you have ammo and no firearm to shoot it, please donate it to our arsenal so that we can build up our dwindling supply and not have to charge a fee for test firing our repairs.  We would like to maintain this great tradition!

  We are extremely pleased to announce our entrance into the custom leather holster and accessory market designed specifically for the individual that wants to combine fine leather, high quality  workmanship, and exceptional utility function.  Stop by with your favorite CCW firearm and let's make it happen.     
New Additions          
Both Budd and Blake have been promoted to Full Associate Gunsmiths and we couldn't be more pleased with their quality work and professionalism.  Our deliveries are improving while still maintaining the quality work you have come to expect from OGC.  Our reputation on FULL RESTORES has caught the attention from people all over the country and those deliveries continue to be extended, however, repairs are being caught up daily and we can take on addition repairs now without extending delivery.     

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