Ozarks Gunsmithing Company

 Announcements and Information

General Announcements:   Lay-Away Available (PLEASE NOTE)  

General Repair Delivery: 10-12 wk   Restorations:  52-65 weeks Customer Custom Builds: 16 wks

Definition Library  CLICK HERE for access to our Definition Library of Firearm Information and Gunsmith Techniques.   We now have lay-away available for firearm purchases whether New or Pre-owned.  This is a very flexible plan that can fit most budgets.  Come check it out!    
Over time, we have had numerous customers bring us firearms for repair that were unsafe to repair and shoot. Various reasons for these types of conditions such as metal fatique or micro fissures.  Because of the importance of close examination of your firearms, we have added a new microscope that enables us to do microscopic evaluations with video output.  Expensive, but worth it.  We can now make a more complete and concise evaluation of each firearm with a higher degree of confidence in our recommendations.  Just ask us for an in-depth safety evaluation when you bring your firearm in.   We are extremely pleased to announce our entrance into the custom leather holster and accessory market designed specifically for the individual that wants to combine fine leather, high quality  workmanship, and exceptional utility function.  Stop by with your favorite CCW firearm and let's make it happen.     
Estate Firearms          
We have a good amount of estate firearms for sale.  Many military and hunting types are available.  Additionally, if you have firearms that you wish to sell, we are taking consignments, with low commissions, for selling in our showroom area.  Generally you will put more money in your pocket by selling your firearms via consignment.