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General Announcements:      

General Repair Delivery: 4-6 wks   Restorations:  52-65 weeks Customer Custom Builds: 16 wks (Getting replacement parts is becoming a real problem.)

Definition Library  CLICK HERE for access to our Definition Library of Firearm Information and Gunsmith Techniques.   Operations are somewhat back to normal.  Everyone now is COVID free and we are ramping up our repair and restore operations.    
This old website is soon being retired.  So don't be concerned about changes or even single page announcements.  All is well, we are simply modernizing our website with new features.          
New Additions          
Budd has been promoted to Full Associate Gunsmith and we couldn't be more pleased with his quality work and professionalism.  Our deliveries are improving while still maintaining the quality work you have come to expect from OGC.  Our reputation on FULL RESTORES has caught the attention from people all over the country and those deliveries continue to be extended, however, repairs are being caught up daily and we can take on addition repairs now without extending delivery.     

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